The Young Soldier Series:

Space Jumpers

(Book 1)

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Before he was known as the man who toppled the Council, Don O'Hara was just a boy who dreamed he could be a Space Jumper.

To get there, Don will have to oppose his father, the O'Hara legacy, and other forces. But at what cost?

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Pursuing Dreams

(Book 2)

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Don's dreams are finally coming true. All he has to do now is prove to his command that he's more than just the general's son.

When Don stumbles on the truth of his family's legacy, he realizes that might be easier said than done.

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Traitors & Betrayal

(Book 3)

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New planet. Fresh start. Not exactly.

Soldiers are disappearing and no one knows why. While searching for the missing, Don discovers truths about the Council and the planet. Now, he must choose between the truth that will save his friends and one that will save humanity.

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Other Science Fiction:


From Above

Impact small

Nothing is supposed to go wrong on a ship built to last centuries. 

When the ship's day-to-day routines are interrupted by an unprecedented event, Maggie finds herself on the wrong end of the disaster. It's only then that Maggie gets a truly terrifying taste of how dangerous space can be, and what she is willing to do to get back to her family.

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This short story is also featured in a Sci-Fi anthology, CEA Into the Beyond, published by Celenic Earth Publications. You can check out the CEP website for more information about this anthology. The anthology is available for purchase on Amazon and Smashwords .


Once a Retriever's ability to see the past was revered, but that had long since given in to fear and jealousy.

After all, no one likes a tattle-tale.

When a strange ship crashes near TiaNu's home, there's no way for the community to find out who these strangers are without TiaNu. The only problem is she's not sure helping is worth the cost.

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This short story is part of a larger series in the Alteruvium Expanse. The full series is written by a collective of sci-fi and fantasy writers called The Writers' Quarrel. For more on the series and the rest of the books, check out the Alteruvium Expanse series page. 

Anthology Collections:

The Beetle Problem

The Other Side

From the Ashes

Stay and Die. Move on and die.

In a decaying world, the foreseeable future is starvation unto death. The only way to survive is to sacrifice something, someone else. Into this wasteland she had been sent to find a promised land.

She was their sacrifice. Who will be hers?

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The Beetle Problem is a short story featured in a post apocalyptic anthology, From the Ashes, published by Bayonet Books.

Greatest Anthology

The world may be dying, but that doesn't mean you have to die with it.

When most of the world is just trying to survive, Life Extension Lab is focused on giving hose who need it most a second chance in a new digital world.

But, after years of separation, two sisters must ask themselves, was it worth it?

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The Other Side is a short story featured in a sci-fi anthology, CEA The Greatest Anthology Written, published by Celenic Earth Publications.