New Release: Traitors & Betrayal

Y'all, I’m so excited to finally announce that book three of The Young Soldier series is finally here! It's been two years in the making and I can't wait for you to dig in and start reading! Click below to find out what happens next on Don’s journey to infamy and rebellion.

The Young Soldier: Traitors & Betrayal

New Planet. Fresh Start. Not Exactly.

Soldiers are disappearing and no one knows why. While searching for the missing, Don discovers truths about the Council and the planet. Now, he must choose between the truth that will save his friends and one that will save humanity.

Who will he betray?

Get the Series!

If you’re new to The Young Soldier Series, you can check out the whole series on Amazon! Now is the perfect time to get started as Space Jumpers (Book 1) is available for 99 cents until February 1st!